Coronavirus restrictions at the 2021 AntwerpPhoto Festival for everyone's safety

We all have to take into account some coronavirus restrictions to enjoy the 2021 AntwerpPhoto Festival to the full. We list the restrictions here:

- Visit during your time slot. The reservations system ensures that there will never be too many people inside the building at any given time.

- Everyone (over 12) – both visitors and employees – must wear a face mask inside the Pilotage Building.

- Always keep a 1.5 m distance from other visitors and employees, even in the queue and inside the lounges.

- Disinfect your hands as you come in and before and after you visit the bookshop, the AntwerpPhoto Café, the toilet, the lounges …

- If you feel like having a drink at the AntwerpPhoto Café, a staff member will tell you if there is still room. Please only remove your face mask at your table.

- Follow the signs and guidelines for entrances and exits, walking directions, toilets ...