Postponed to summer 2021
27 June - 27 September 2020
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Iconobelge II

© Marc Lagrange

Belgian fashion photography

Iconobelge was organized for the first in the summer of 2018 to support and highlight Belgian photography. This year the exhibition is curated again by Kaat Celis, who is joined by Tim Van Steenberghen - Antwerpian and one of Belgium’s established fashion and costume designers. Together they present both big names and new talent in Belgian fashion photography. Iconobelge ll will deliver a unique dialogue between the two art disciplines.

Zuilengallerij breedbeeld Emmanuel De Prycker LR


Ingang: Borzestraat (Lange Nieuwstraat) & Twaalfmaandenstraat (Meir).

Tentoonstelling loopt van 11/07/2020 tot en met 27/09/2020

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