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Sanne De Wilde & Bénédicte Kurzen, Land of Ibeji

Kehinde Deborah and Taiwo Celestine. NIGERIA, Igbo-Ora, October 2018. © Sanne De Wilde & Bénédicte Kurzen / NOOR Images

Land of Ibeji

Sanne De wilde and Bénédicte Kurzen, both connected to NOOR photo agency, traveled together through Nigeria to capture images of twins, of which the country yields four times as many as other countries. This has caused a turbulent Nigerian history as the various communities in Nigeria each had - and still have - their strong attitudes towards twins.

De Wilde and Kurzen visited three regions in Nigeria. While fear towards twins dominates in one region, they are met with celebration in the other as they would predict prosperity. The photographers experimented with two color filters to point out how the attitudes of the different communities are sometimes diametrically opposed.

Sanne De Wilde & Bénédicte Kurzen

Sanne De Wilde is a Belgian photographer living in Amsterdam. In her work, she explores the role of genetics in people's lives and how it forms and influences communities. Bénédicte Kurzen is a French photographer and photojournalist who started her career as a freelancer in the Gaza Strip, Iraq and Lebanon. Today, she is regarded as a visual storyteller who captures conflicts and difficult subjects on photographs. In 2019, De Wilde and Kurzen won a World Press Photo Award for ‘Land of Ibeji’ in the ‘Portraits’ category.

Kehinde Azeem and Taiwo Kazeem, NIGERIA, Tapa, October 2018. © Sanne De Wilde & Bénédicte Kurzen / NOOR Images
Kehinde Quadrat and Taiwo Badrat (17) stand side-by-side, as if shadows of each other, in Igbo-Ora, Nigeria. © Sanne De Wilde & Bénédicte Kurzen / NOOR Images

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