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Discover photography in Antwerp

Photography lovers won't be disappointed in Antwerp. Aside from the exhibitions at AntwerpPhoto, the MAS and the Fotomuseum, there are several galleries throughout Antwerp that exhibit some fine photography.

Nine locations, two walks

Antwerp has a lot to offer for those who love the art of photography. Discover the different locations in the North or South of Antwerp on foot: from established museum to temporary exhibitions and fine art galleries.

DIFT for AntwerpPhoto

North tour

1.AntwerpPhoto (Loodswezengebouw, Tavernierkaai 3)

AntwerpPhoto runs until September 30 in the historic Loodswezengebouw (Piloting building) in Antwerp. Step into Anton Corbijn's rockstar archive or onto the packed Tokyo subway with Michael Wolf. Or discover the 34 Belgian photographers of Iconobelge, and let the works of Narciso Contreras, winner of the Prix Carmignac, stop you in your tracks.

Open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM. Buy your tickets online at a lower rate.

2. MAS (Hanzestedenplaats 1)

The boulevard of the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) welcomes 'Baroque Burez'. With 80 images and installations, photographer and artist Athos Burez shares his own unique and contemporary view on different genres from the Baroque style period: still lifes, portraits, landscapes and interiors.

www.mas.be - Tuesday-Sunday from 9.30 AM to 11.30 PM - free entry

3. Stieglitz19 (Klapdorp 2)

In this gallery you can check out an exhibition starting September 9, by Mathieu Ronsse and Lara Gasparotto, a talented young photographer whose work is also featured in Iconobelge. Stieglitz19 represents several Belgian photographers, but also many international artists from China and the US, among others, and is specialised in contemporary photography mainly by young artists.

www.stieglitz19.be - Wednesday-Saturday from 2-6 PM - free entry

4. Gallery FIFTY ONE (Zirkstraat 20 & Hofstraat 2)

Starting September 8 Gallery FIFTY ONE is showing 'Roots', an exhibition by Harry Gruyaert, in which he explores his complicated relationship with Belgium. The gallery has two spaces, FIFTY ONE & FIFTY ONE TOO, only a few metres apart. The first space show colour images, the second a series of black and white photos.

www.gallery51.com - Tuesday-Saturday from 1-6 PM - free entry

5. Ingrid Deuss Gallery (Provinciestraat 11)

Ingrid Deuss, a photographer herself, has been receiving diverse photographic exhibitions in her gallery since 2011. She welcomes both established photographers such as Karel Fonteyne and Marcel van der Vlugt, as well as upcoming talents like Nicolas Karakatsanis and Isabel Miquel Arques.

www.ingriddeussgallery.com - Thursday-Saturday 2-6 PM - free entry

6. Zeno X Gallery (Godtsstraat 15)

This gallery is housed in an old milk factory in Borgerhout, which was completely renovated by Belgian architects Coussée & Goris. Starting September 15, 'four times sixty' will be on display. This anniversary exhibition will feature work by Dirk Braeckman, Luc Tuymans, Kees Goudzwaard and Jan De Maesschalk.

www.zeno-x.com - Wednesday-Saturday from 1-5 PM - free entry

DIFT for AntwerpPhoto

South tour

1.Ibasho Gallery (Tolstraat 67)

Ibasho has been exhibiting Japanese fine art photography since 2015, both by Japanese photographers and western photographers inspired by Japan, in the heart of Antwerp. Until September 1 you can check out Ni'homme, a group exhibition by 12 Japanese photographers, and from September 9 on Miho Kajioka presents ‘So it goes’, a series of intuitive images from her daily life.

www.ibashogallery.com - Friday-Sunday from 2-6 PM - free entry

2. Gallery Sofie van de Velde (Nieuw Zuid - Léon Stynenstraat 21)

This gallery is specialized in contemporary art, often exhibiting internationally known artists that have rarely been on display in Belgium. They show work by photographer Max Pinckers, among others.

www.sofievandevelde.be - Thursday-Sunday from 2-6 PM - free entry

3. FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerp (Waalsekaai 47)

In the photography museum of the Province of Antwerp, you can catch 'Untitled (nude)' by Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker until October 7. This elaborate retrospective is about 'looking', voyeurism and distance and features new work created especially for the FOMU: ‘Eggs and rarities’(2018).

www.fotomuseum.be - Tuesday-Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM - tickets €10

4. AntwerpPhoto (Loodswezengebouw, Tavernierkaai 3)

From the FOMU it's a half hour walk to the Loodswezengebouw, a lovely stroll along the Scheldt river. You can also rent a 'Velo' citybike, and get there in less than 10 minutes.