Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf is one of the Netherlands’ greatest photographers. His artistic work analyses society and the people that live in it and shines with activism for equality. However controversial the pictures from his 40-year career may be, they have been the recipient of international praise by museums from Chili across Russia to South Korea and celebrated by clients worldwide, including Vogue, Louis Vuitton and the Dutch royal family.
© Erwin Olaf - April Fool 2020 10:05 am

April Fool 2020

The first few weeks of the Covid-19 lockdown hit Erwin Olaf hard. The surreal nightmare of the pandemic paralysed him, it made him anxious. The house of cards that is our lives crumpled, the dance on the rim of the volcano went sideways. All that remained was a foreboding silence.

“For weeks I felt afraid and powerless, like a meaningless extra in a scary movie without end. Looted by hoarders, the empty supermarket shelves made me realise that I thought there would always be an abundance of everything.” - Erwin Olaf

© Erwin Olaf - April Fool 2020 11:15 am

Walk without words

But Olaf was able to capture his feelings in images which now make up the photo exhibition ‘April Fool 2020’. Pause in front of this impressive photo series at the AntwerpPhoto Festival, alternately closer and further than 1.5m.


In the Pilotage Building