Iconobelge III

With every new edition of the Iconobelge exhibition, AntwerpPhoto presents a new take on the landscape of Belgian photography. Get up close and personal with the work of young budding talent and household names from Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. Because in this third edition fascinating portrait photos are the central theme. 
© Stephan Vanfleteren

Iconic portraits

Iconobelge III includes contributions by more than 20 Belgian photographers of several generations, such as Alexia Leysen, Nick Hannes, Mashid Mohadjerin, Sanne De Wilde, Diego Franssens,... Kaat Celis (director of AntwerpPhoto) is the curator of this unique exhibition full of portrait photos that give you pause.

© Diego Franssens

“As a body of work, the portrait photos in Iconobelge present a broad view of different subjects, with traditions and evolutions that connect us all as humans. If you look closely... you can hear the socio-critical questions of the photographer in the background.” - Kaat Celis, curator

© Jef Van den Bossche

Iconobelge I and II

This third edition adheres to the basic concept of the exhibition: Flemish, Walloon and Brussels photographers, household names and newcomers, all in a single expo. Explore the medium of photography in its various expressions, techniques and styles. Literally different perspectives on a single theme. What did Iconobelge I and Iconobelge II have in store? Browse the pictures of previous editions


In the Pilotage Building