Postponed to summer 2021
27 June - 27 September 2020
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Michael Wolf

@ Michael Wolf - Courtesy of Gallery FIFTY ONE

Architecture of Density

With his series Architecture of Density internationally renowned documentary photographer Michael Wolf creates an abstraction of the architecture of metropolis Hongkong. Wolf desorients the viewer by excluding sky and horizon from the frame, creating the illusion that the high-rises extend indefinitely.

@ Michael Wolf - Courtesy of Gallery FIFTY ONE

Tokyo Compression

With his most recent series, Tokyo Compression, Wolf aims his camera at captive passengers pressed against the windows of the crammed Tokyo subway. The density is no longer architectural but human, as commuters fill every available square inch of these subway cars. Tokyo Compression depicts an urban hell and by hunting down these commuters with his camera, Wolf highlights their complete vulnerability to the city at its most extreme.

About the photographer

Michael Wolf (1954-2019) lived and worked in Hongkong. His work often reflects his fascination for megacities. He won the World Press Photo Award in 2005 and 2010 and his work has been exhibited all over the world. After 8 years as a contract photographer for Stern Magazine, he has been focusing on his own projects since 2001, thirteen of which have been published as books.

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