26 juni > 26 september 2021
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Loodswezen building open to the public for the first time

Lovers of historical heritage can eat their heart out: AntwerpPhoto reveals the architectural splendor of Antwerp's piloting building.

© Karin Borghouts

The Loodswezen building

This protected monument dating from 1890 will be open to the public from June 24 until September 30 for the first edition of AntwerpPhoto and can visited exclusively during this event.

The Neo-Renaissance palace on the bank of the River Scheldt was designed by Hendrik Kennes and Ferdinand J.A. Truyman. Until recently it served as a base for Antwerp's pilots, who guide ships safely and smoothly in and out of the port of Antwerp.

The 'Loodswezengebouw' is one of the most beautiful buildings in the center of Antwerp: the ornate watchtower, the courtyard and the statue of Brabo on the facade are just a few striking features of this building.