Jimmy Kets

As a press photographer for the renowned quality paper De Standaard Jimmy Kets produces gripping pictorial reports of both domestic and foreign events. Powerful pictures that give you pause, open your eyes or make you smile. Prepare to be moved by this survey exhibition put together by Kets himself.

“A photograph does not depict reality. A photo is an unfinished thought. That is what is so interesting about an image: the things you choose not to show.” - Jimmy Kets

© Jimmy Kets

Top-notch photojournalism

Photojournalism literally captures the spirit of an age; it is our window on the world in a way that can appeal to everyone. Jimmy Kets is a photojournalist and an expert in the art of photojournalism with more than two decades of experience. Today his work is exhibited in places as far-flung as Japan.

“My starting point for a portrait is not the person in front of me, but the setting. I go on the setting and the light. The photograph is not about who is in it. It is about telling a story. That is what took me to a Brussels love hotel with singer Daan, to an Ostend animal crematorium, to some traditional neighbourhood pub or the Waregem Koerse horse racing event." – Jimmy Kets

© Jimmy Kets

It’s in the details

His style is characterised by a keen eye for detail and a discerning look at events. He captures celebrities in surprising ways, like clarinetist Roeland Hendrikx, actor Tom Van Dyck and musician Daan Stuyven.


In the Pilotage Building