From 26 June to 26 September the historic Pilotage Building between the river Scheldt and the MAS is the staging point for the 2nd AntwerpPhoto Festival. What is there to experience? Discover what the world of photography has to offer and make your selection from an extensive programme in a Covid-proof setting. Reserve your ticket and the time slot for your visit as of 12 May.

More (free) expos during your gallery walk

Stroll through the city and discover (free) photo exhibitions in art galleries. Choose the short or the long AntwerpPhoto walk (that also passes the FOMU, Antwerp’s premier photo museum). Or put together your own itinerary. Let the city scenery and even more stunning photography take you by surprise. Combine a route along picture galleries and the FOMU with a visit to the AntwerpPhoto Festival and enjoy a full day of photographic highlights in Flanders’ leading photography city. Feel free to stop off at the AntwerpPhoto Café (in the Pilotage Building) for a sip and a nibble before or after your walk. 
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The International Day of Photography

Needless to say, on 19 August AntwerpPhoto Festival also celebrates the International Day of Photography. In 2020 this was a busy online day full of photography tips, a live chat, the announcement of the winners of the photo competition Zicht op Antwerpen... This year we are planning another day in which to enjoy photography to the full.

Graduation projects from St-Lucas Antwerp

In between the other exhibitions in the Pilotage Building you should also take a minute to appreciate the photo wall featuring the work of the latest generation of photographers from St-Lucas Antwerp. The AntwerpPhoto Festival is a first opportunity for the freshly graduated final-year students to show their work to the public at large.

AntwerpPhoto Shop

In this unique and temporary bookshop you can browse through picture books of predominantly Belgian photographers. Moreover, you’ll also find a collector’s item there: the first edition of the AntwerpPhoto Portfolio featuring the work of festival headliner Jimmy Kets.

Take a break...

In between exhibition spaces you can take a break in the stylish lounges with a view of the river Scheldt. Or you can stop by the AntwerpPhoto Festival Café and have a drink and a nibble.